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As outdoor enthusiasts, eco-consciousness and environmental preservation are always top of mind. In constructing and restoring our two Desolation Hotel resorts, we’ve made every effort to work sustainably and consciously. By utilizing green building practices and high-efficiency appliances when possible, choosing sustainable materials, and going local whenever circumstances allow, we are consistently innovating to make our luxury accommodations a luxury for the environment, too. We strive to reduce our water consumption, lessen our reliance on fossil fuels, and generally reduce our carbon footprint in any way, big or small, be it composting food waste or working with local contractors to mitigate fuel emissions. Our team carefully considers the impact of every decision we make in an effort to maximize our impact in the community, amplify the experience for our guests, and extend our viability as eco-conscious luxury resorts. While we acknowledge that we still have a long way to go, we hope every effort makes a positive impact on the longevity of this beautiful Sierra Nevada region we call home.

Desolation Hotel Lake Tahoe

Partnering with the Sugar Pine Foundation, Desolation Hotel plants a tree in the Tahoe area for every night a guest books with us.

The Sugar Pine Foundation
Desolation hotel cares about sustainability.
Desolation hotel cares about sustainability.
Desolation hotel cares about sustainability.
The Desolation team gets their hands dirty planting trees at the Indian Creek Campground, just east of Hope Valley.

Tahoe’s Only Eco-Conscious Resort

Created to celebrate and protect the greater Tahoe basin, Desolation Hotel isn’t like most resorts in the area. From conceptualizing the resort to constructing it, our team considered the impact of every single decision and took careful measures to ensure the impact DH makes is a positive one. The location was chosen for its unrivaled walkability and preexisting expanse that allowed us to mitigate the removal of native trees and landscape. Only 10 minutes by foot from some of Tahoe South’s most favored shops, restaurants, and natural attractions, we are proud of the vehicular independence our location provides us and our guests. Furthermore, our infrastructure was designed to be as sustainable as possible: much of our building materials were sourced locally and responsibly; recycled construction materials were implemented when possible; solar panels and skylights were installed to harness energy and light from the sun instead of the power grid; and every one of our appliances was selected due to top efficiency ratings. We prioritize EVs over fuel-powered vehicles, boasting 20 charging stations for electric vehicles on-site, provide Lake Tahoe-sourced tap water and ample filtered water stations to reduce reliance on disposable water bottles, and constructed the exterior of our buildings with fire-resistant materials to help protect against future wildfires and natural disasters. With a team that is rooted in Tahoe, invested in the community, and passionate about sustaining the viability of the Sierra Nevada region for as long as possible, we are constantly striving to do more, better. Our goal is to maximize our positive impact in the Tahoe community, amplify the experience for our guests, and do our best to protect the wilderness that makes this region so extraordinary.

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Desolation Hope Valley

A brand that prioritizes eco-consciousness and sustainability, we’ve taken careful measures to revitalize DH Hope Valley as responsibly as possible. By outfitting the resort with eco-friendly amenities, we hope to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and prolong our residence here in Hope Valley, preserving and celebrating the natural features that make it so special.

In rebuilding the resort, we worked with the local Washoe tribe to learn proper environmental stewardship practices, collaborated with the alpine county trails group, repaired and restored the very hiking trail that connects our Resort with the Campground, and volunteered around the county to clean up and beautify the natural landscape. What’s more, DHHV is proud to presently have two EV chargers on site; provide environmentally-friendly bath products for all guests; draw resort water from a nearby well; plant a tree for every night a guest books with us.

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Desolation Hotel Hope Valley